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Digital X-Ray / Motion Video Fluoroscopy

xray.jpg We now are pleased to say that we offer digital x-ray.  X-rays are often taken on most patients to give the doctor an inside look at what is going on with the bone structure of the entire spine and surrounding skeletal structure.

Video Fluoroscopy

Video Fluoroscopy is, quite simply, an x-ray machine that allows you to see the bone of the spine in motion. 

The procedure is simple and generally a few minutes to perform.  The best part is the motion x-rays are saved to a computer in the office and are immediately available to be viewed by both doctor and patient.  


Why Video Fluoroscopy?

A full video Fluoroscopy study uses the same amount of radiation as one normal still x-ray.  So they patient gets less exposure.

Day Chiropractic is one of the few clinics in the Spokane area to offer this technology that, in most cases, leads to faster treatment and recovery. Additionally, fluoroscopic evaluations serve as valuable aids for attorneys involved in personal injury cases.

Regular x-rays allow you to see the spine in the form of a picture.  And although regular x-rays are helpful, motion x-rays tell us so much more.

Video Fluoroscopy actually allows the doctor to take that static picture and put it into motion; to see whether the spine and joints are actually moving and functioning the way they’re supposed to.

Day Chiropractic Clinic  treatment approach is simple: With the help of video fluoroscopy, we can evaluate the joints of the spine and determine whether there might be a joint injury causing your symptoms.

The best part is, you will be able to see your spine in motion and if there is an injury , you will be able to see it for yourself.

Are fluoroscopic evaluations covered by insurance? Yes, according to Marketing Research's "Fee Facts", fluoroscopy is listed as a "usual and customary procedure".


Spokane Chiropractor | Digital X-Ray / Motion Video Fluoroscopy. Dr. Tim Day is a Spokane Chiropractor.